Bano’s little bubble

I’m Sheher Bano and my major is advertising. I have a love for story-telling and bringing life to unusual imaginative scenarios and visuals. My art is usually inspired by doodles and comics because, I feel like everyone can relate to stick figures. The style of drawing figures (not perfect portraits) has existed since the dawn of mankind. Take the doodle they found in Indonesia claimed as the oldest doodle in the world by Homo Erectus. It’s simple, explains scenarios and people can draw it themselves.

I either go for really minimal solid designs or a lot of psychedelic colors. In between I have studied a lot of art movements and styles but I guess minimalism is something I can relate to a lot. It’s direct and the less information on the page, the more the brain can comprehend. Less is more which is true because as a species we’re all moving towards small items and less clutter.

My coursework goal is to develop ads focused  on animations, colors and creative story-telling. This is a career goal as well because in Pakistan there isn’t much of a creative narrative in advertisements. But that’s a far fetched dream.

I took up making doodles since, I was 6 years old. I communicated through doodles and art because as a child I had cluttering. Speech came a bit late and I still clutter when I’m nervous.

My work revolves around illustrations and random scribbles. Throughout, my focus is trying to make imaginary concepts come alive. Sorta like, dinosaurs on a space ship!

It aims to bring vivid imaginations alive through the power of illustrations and scenario based dialogue. Humor, I’ve learnt is one way to make the audience retain your work.

I’ve worked on trying to translate the story inside my mind into much more graspable concepts (which is the highlight of my journey). The concept of creativity is hard especially when one is designing it not for art geeks but for the masses-which means everyone will grasp the ad differently. It’s like you’re given a box and somehow you have to create a concept out of the box, but within its limit. THIS MAKES NO SENSE but this is how the entire process is like. It’s fun but frustrating but once you create something then the entire process is worth it.

My final project was based on the art supply brand, Crayola. I chose this product for it played a vital role in my childhood when it came to expressing myself through drawings. For a product that contributed in my creativity since childhood, I just felt like I had to work on it.

I went from making doodles to creating art!