Learning Minimalism

minimalWhen I started this course, I was inclined towards learning minimal art style. There was a lot I learnt along the way with experimentation from different styles. I hopped on from one to another because something inside of me wanted to find my inner art calling. I love creative courses because they always teach me something new about myself.

I would have never tried minimalism had it not been for this course. As an avid art lover, this was a very fulfilling experience because I’ve always felt like art can be incorporated in daily life.

The way a person lives can be art, itself.

The course has ended and our final projects are due soon. This is one of the courses that I know has surely improved a lot in the way I look at things.

Thank you for being a part of the journey. If it wasn’t for you mam joveria, I’d have never known the possibilities of my creativity.

To a new horizon!


The bipolar artist


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