De-cluttering my life!

I made some basic designs just to get started on the concept of minimalism. I have decided to work with minimalism designs because they seems more appropriate and fitting with my creative brief.

The ideas are very basic but I think they are a lot less clutter-y than my previous designs. Is this improvement?

These designs we’re rejected because they are very BASIC! Crayon in a bulb that took me half an hour to make? NOPE. NOPE. It’s a cliche design.

On a side note I have decided to de-clutter my life as well. Minimalism is a way of living. It’s  the way to get rid of the unnecessary and keeping only what is needed. This is a valid enough reason for me to get rid of people in my life. Did I give myself a justification to be more anti-social? YES I DID AND I AM NOT EVEN MAD. I imagine de-cluttering my life like this comic: 12.jpg


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