LSD or Acid? Design help!

I decided to work with something more color oriented or as one puts it psychedelic. Now, I know a lot about psychedelic art because I’ve always been interested by the whole 70’s hippie era. LSD trips, shrooms and even acid! I love the visuals and the warmth of the colors spilled out like a melting kaleidoscope. Something about colors and patterns is very alluring and brings out instant happiness. Would it be weird if I said that I made these posters on a shroom trip? Not like I did..we’ll leave that to a mystery.

I wanted something trippy and art oriented. A whole lotta color just like when you’re tripping on acid. If you’ve seen the film “Enter the Void” then it’s easy to pinpoint the factors that I’ve used in these posters as well.

However, these designs we’re rejected too! It makes sense though. Crayola is a brand for children and well psychedelic is a more adult-type art style and I can’t definitely mix the two together. Some ethical constraints and other art work related.

It’s high time I move to a more familiar art style? maybe basic designing..Also if you notice, I’ve used like three different taglines. This is what you get when you’re prone to being creative on the¬†hypomanic phase of your disorder.


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