Crayola or Clutter?

Now the tough part of this course begins! My creative brief and executions relating Crayola. At the beginning of this semester I was looking at various art styles to play with and find something that suits me. I worked my ass off most of the time in trying to come up with some “kid-like” but for a brand that has been around for more than a 100 years? EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DONE AND EXECUTED.

I’m not even kidding. Every idea that I had relating my brief had already been executed one way or another. So first thing first, I did a brand analysis and GOD BLESS SWOT analysis. I did an analysis to figure out what has been done and what could be done. Also, one thing I noticed is that Crayola is very shady in going public with its brand information. I had to dig in deep to find things.

Providing how I’ve been working so much on Crayons for the past few weeks, my little sister thinks I should just start working for Crayola.

Here is my initial concept that revolved around placing crayons in child-like imaginative situations. This originates from a more doodle style surrealism perspective. This idea was rejected because it’s very clutter-y and takes a while for the viewer to comprehend what is going on. These are rough drafts of what I made.

I agree though that this is too much information and clutter. I’m working on another design style inspired by some psychedelic art I saw.


My theme is making Crayola a brand through which children could achieve their dreams. The first tagline I came up with was, “Bring your imagination to life”. My course instructor said,  I needed a more direct call of action so I came up with the concept of race car one. Unfortunately, while she liked the concept and the big idea…she didn’t approve much of the way  I executed it.

Time to stay up till 4 am and make something new!

Ad 3.jpg


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