When nothing else? RHYME!

We have an art project due! It’s relating the APS attack victims. We’re divided into three teams and I’m leading the copy team (because I love writing poems). Everyone is supposed to come up with 2 poems and I wrote 5, not to mention the one’s I edited. Not everyone can churn poetry, after all. Also my instructor really liked the theme I pitched WARRIORS NOT VICTIMS!

The entire gist of the project revolved around creating something that wouldn’t invoke the feelings of victimization or sadness. The project was aimed to showcase bravery and courage of a nation that failed to crumble even when every force was against it. I’ve always wanted to study liberal arts so this is something that I’m really enjoying working on. However, coordinating with people who actually have no interest in it is so frustrating.

I think a lot of the kids in my class hate me after I rejected their poems straightup!!! Now, I know that not everyone is meant to write poems nor is everyone into arts in my class.

*oh the irony of studying art direction and not knowing anything about it*

We decided on a sea theme for it since, the concept revolves around message in a bottle. I brought my sea shell collection for this purpose. People in the nust admin we’re nice enough to throw away expensive sea shells in the trash (Some of them we’re from the Bahamas). I used to collect sea shells as a hobby and now, I have none.

I love rhymes. I feel like Dr. Seuss! 11.jpg


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