Bik Gayi Hai Gormint

We got our final projects! SO MUCH WORK. I wish teachers would just give us final projects to do before midterms so that after midterms when everyone burdens us with their work, we are free from at least a couple of things.

The brand I’ve chosen for my project is Crayola! Why? Because, I love colors and art. Not to mention the products by the brand played an important role in developing my art sense. I used to pace around the living room and as soon as my parents would leave, I would draw on the walls. GOOD’OL CRAYON DAYS. Art helps in accessing the development pattern of the child. I think in today’s world it is necessary to focus on art and self-expression because we’re so tangled up in social media which makes expressing tough for those who fear being judged.

I’m going to have to develop a few neat executions for Crayola! All of this seems so fun but very overwhelming. #bikgayihaigormint



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