Okay, so I’ve been working on the assignment given to us in class regarding lateral thinking. Being indirect with a direct message is SO HARD. I made 5 posters based on the visualization I would have upon hearing certain words. I also made illustrations on how I’d perceive it.

Advertising is hard for people with no design sense. Hopefully, I am developing mine.

The first visualization is TGIF! Okay, so if I were to imagine myself in it then TGIF would look a lot like chaos, darkness and destruction (or probably I’m in the mood for it right now). All hail, Bano!? Possibly in the future. tgif

However, laterally thinking about TGIF this is what I imagine while also being minimal in my style. So Monday is water, Tuesday a lemonade, Wednesday is margarita and Thursday is wine! Friday revolves around poppi’n champagne and treating yourself. Saturday is a light beer while Sunday comes around with water to beat the hangover. (So HARAM)tgif1

The next visualization is about YOLO. Now, my concept of YOLO doesn’t revolve around doing stupid stuff instead I actually imagine something macabre and grotesque. I would never hurt a cat because I love cats…but YOLO?


This is just how I’d picture myself in the YOLO thought of mind. I like how i’ve drawn my eyes. It fun to be a cartoonist and draw yourself over and over again.

The grim reaper directs you to the YOLO life. They should put this up around people who are prone to doing things just for a few laughs and break their bones…or possibly die.Yolo.jpg

The next visualization is Break Me Free. Now, when I heard this phrase the concept was to make whatever I felt. I followed my instinct of what I could relate to from Break Me Free and I made this. I’m pro-cannabis. I like how people get so open and creative when they smoke pot. I used the rasta background theme color to showcase what the entire image stands for. The colors alone are very identifiable to the crowd that uses and advocates cannabis use. Charsi much? HIGHLY! *Pun intended*Break free.jpg

When I  visualize, “I feel you” the first thing pops to mind is intimacy. Sorta like the scene in harry potter where harry puts his hand on the mirror and touches his parents. The concept is intimate but with little details just to give the message. So I just made something that is very intimate with a color that reinforces the same message. Shades of red depict action and danger but is also highly associated with intimacy and closeness. The hands represent “intimacy”. Is this lateral enough?I feel u.jpg

Okay, so the last one that is Coffee, anyone? is my favorite. I actually enjoyed drawing the bean and not to mention I love caffeine so this holds my personal sentiments. I made it in really dark hues with just outline because that is how coffee makes me feel…calm and warm where I don’t need to give out explanations. Look at how relaxed my coffee bean looks in the cup? D’aww

Boy, I could use a coffee right now. coffee.jpg

Well this is a wrap from the “lateral thinking” exercise where we had to visualize things!



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