Think Lateral..very lateral

So the midterms are OVER! I’m so glad that they are. In class we started fresh with a new type of thinking approach called “Lateral Thinking“. Ofcourse, being the nerd that I am-I googled it! Now, Lateral thinking is a concept of problem solving in an indirect manner with a creative approach that involves looking at the problem from a new way. And we learnt about Minimalism as a style aesthetic for our individual journal. Now, i’ve always been more into surrealism but Minimalism seems like something I would want to try out. I like the concept of “less” so definitely going to explore of it.

Coming back to the topic, I imagine lateral thinking to point out stuff that nobody thinks about in a problem. Edward De Bono wrote a book about creative lateral thinking…I think I should read it.


How lateral thinking works!



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