Life is better without dialogues

We’re going to have to submit three components for our midterm. I made only two and the third one is about story telling the same idea through different media executions. This is my print ad that I submitted for final grading. It’s based on the concept of how we fade away with time so there is no need to delay.

Print Ad.jpgThe final tvc was submitted as well for grading. Since, I’ve always been the kind to execute things my way-I’m not really happy with the final product. More determined than ever to do the final project ALONE!

Why was my TVC all music and no dialogues? It seemed better that way. My group members and I consented on it. Making non-actors perform is much harder than it seems. I learnt a lot during the entire process which encompassed around “silence helps in making a lot of things better.” *this applies to my life as well.

If Beethoven couldn’t hear his music and make art…I think I can get away with no dialogues as well. 8.jpg


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