I was a poet in the previous life

The final deliverable list for midterms is here! We have to submit a print ad and TVC. The TVC is in the final stages of editing but I have no where started on the print ad.


I really like this minimalist print ad for Sensodyne. The execution and the presentation is pretty coherent which makes the viewer very comfortable with the overall presentation. Plus, the camel! I like camels.

The color combination is really interesting aswell. I’m trying to develop my print ad on a similar format but I have to use a re-occurring element from my TVC in my print ad which will be hard to pin down.

We also did an activity in our class relating a poem for an National Bank of Pakistan ad our instructor showed us in class. I wrote an urdu poem. Everyone thought it was pretty deep. I feel like I can be a poet in life, later on. 7.jpg


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