The pre-production phase

I’m starting to think that being an advertisement major requires nerves of steel. It’s basically a lot of ideas and a tiny corner of execution that have to make an impact. Advertising is all about making an IMPACT.

They say if your brand becomes a verb is when you’ve made your mark as an advertiser. It’s a tough road but not impossible.

The tvc shooting starts this weekend and the script I wrote down has been revised thrice, now. Tiny details, arranging actors, making changes to dialogue-that has been my life.

I stumbled upon this very cool insurance Ad idea which I think makes such a powerful statement. The Ad is by Bancolombia Insurance.Bancolombia-Insurance-print-ads-t8502.jpgThis is very minimal but at the same time is very strong in conveying the message In class we learnt about graphics and directing shots. The classes are held at TV studio where this other instructor gives us camera workshops. 4.jpg

This has been inspired by Cyanide and Happiness comics. My ideas we’re not rejected but the course instructor thinks I could still churn out a more powerful story.


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