I need a good pair of eyes

Another one of our assignment was to take shots of random scenery or processes and then edit it. Our teacher showed us this very cool video as an inspiration. The watch tower of Turkey is very nicely directed. Unfortunately, I lack the skill to string two clips together.

I went to Trail 5 to shoot some epic scenery. All I shot was some harsh sunlight and cigarette buds.

The creative process involves spur of energy and a good eye. Did I mention? I’m literally blind from my right eye. We had to edit these as well. Over the past few weeks in classes we have learned about different sort of lights. Our instructor even conducted a workshop on photography. I ended up getting some really cool portraits taken. Not like I didn’t take pictures, I did. Sometimes I feel like my work isn’t good enough so urm I just keep it to myself.

I learnt about lights. I’m polishing up my photography skills. Art direction isn’t so bad after all. I’m basically covering two weeks in a single post. We had to show everything we shot in class. I have no idea what I’m doing but at least I’m trying.



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