Dead guy? The ultimate tear-jerker

Working in groups is such a challenge. It’s hard coordinating and meeting people halfway or even full way-where there is no motivation to act. For our project we were a group of five people trying to make an ad on state life insurance with the element of guilty highlighted in it.

This was tough and we brainstormed a lot of ideas. In particular I liked this ad A LOT! Everyone was giving in their plot ideas for the TVC. The TVC had to be 30 secs and with a powerful narrative. What better way to be powerful then to showcase someone dead? I’m not even kidding the story line had a dead guy in it to invoke the feelings of guilt and sadness.storyboard

Basically, the idea was to show a woman in her 30’s who became a young widow. She had a child to take care of and provide for. Her husband is dead and she misses him throughout the various moments of her day. I feel like this idea could have been better but this was the only thing I could come up with at that time. The tagline we came up with was “Dair mat kijiye” as in Don’t delay insurance because the future is unpredictable. For all we know, you could be dead 🙂 This is so macabre.


Our next assignment was making a storyboard and chalking out character sketches. We had to develop a script in order to start shooting.



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