Insurance Fiasco

The course started on the 19th of September. We we’re given the course outlines and how the entire semester would progress. Along with the grading, projects due and teaching methodology. What I didn’t expect? A project on the first day relating an Ad on State Life Insurance Policy.

Now, I’m all up for challenges but…WHY? Insurance policies are dull, sob stories and boring. I thought to myself, this is your big challenge Bano. Do this and you’ll learn to advertise anything. You’ll be the next Ogilvy . We we’re given this poem which created the mood for the entire basis of our ad development. Boy, was I wrong to consider this a challenge. The events that took place in the making of this project were life changing. Dramatic and well, insightful. The poem was written by Muneer Niazi. Here is the performance video just in case.



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